moratorium now!

On Saturday 27 November 2021, at the Emergency Health and Truth Summit in Northern Ireland, I issued a call for an IMMEDIATE MORATORIUM on the experimental COVID-19 genetic vaccines currently deployed in the UK, especially for children. In my talk, I define a risk-benefit framework in 4 key areas:

  1. Safety Are the vaccines safe for human consumption?

  2. Efficacy Do the vaccines protect against infection, transmission, severe disease and death?

  3. Strategic Viability Will the vaccines provide beneficial immunological memory for the medium and long term and is their universal deployment wise?

  4. Ethics Have the vaccines been developed, manufactured, tested and marketed ethically?

According to this framework, I judge that the risk from all the experimental COVID-19 genetic vaccines deployed in the UK far outweighs the benefit and conclude that we therefore require an IMMEDIATE MORATORIUM.

A fully referenced version of my presentation is available below.

An Independent Biosecurity Risk Assessment V.1.1 - J Weissman
Presentation References (27 Nov 2021).docx

On Friday 24 September 2021, I sent the below email to politicians and education bodies in Northern Ireland. I also included an attached copy of my risk assessment.

Open Letter