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First posted online: 13 May 2022

Just how desperate are some people to receive as many COVID-19 “vaccines” as humanly possible? Recent data released by Pfizer sheds new light on this strange behaviour. In Pfizer’s trial alone, 6 people volunteered at two different test sites.

Full list:

  • 31/F/White/Florida (1056110/1133138)

  • 63/F/Black/California (11351357/12691070)

  • 39/M/Black/Nebraska (10711213/11231105)

  • 39-40/F/White/Florida (11101123/11331405)

  • 57/F/White/California (11491117/12691090)

  • 71/F/Black/North Carolina (11341006/10891112)

A couple of case studies.

Subject 10711213/11231105 was randomly assigned to the placebo group at two sites in Nebraska. Imagine his disappointment! After twice unblinding, he crossed over to receive open-label treatment at both sites, receiving 3 doses in just 3 weeks!

Not to be outdone, subject 11341006/10891112 was twice assigned to the treatment group in North Carolina. She received 4 doses in just 25 days! 3 1/2 weeks! Perhaps she just hoped to double her chances of being jabbed. I wonder if she was happy or horrified upon unblinding!

It really makes you wonder how these 6 were “rumbled” and how many other important protocol deviations like these went undetected or unreported. In the real-world rollout, how many people lied or cut the queue to receive more doses than recommended? Perilous times…

Hysteria for novel genetic vaccines has swept the planet

At least six patients signed up at two test sites during Pfizer's trial

Subject 11341006/10891112 received 4 doses in just 25 days

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