OMICRON: the ade calm before the storm?

First posted online: 13 April 2022

Could Omicron be the calm before antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) induces a devastating mass cytokine storm? Dr Vanden Bossche's new white paper hypothesises a tragic evolutionary pathway the virus may now be forced into due to our "vaccine" foolishness.

GVB characterises Omicron’s two defining characteristics:

  1. high infectivity rate with the virus confined to the upper respiratory tract

  2. low virulence (mild symptoms) due to inefficient pulmonary infection

GVB then suggests how the next class of variants may emerge.

We start with a few of GVB’s definitions. First up is trans fusion, the phenomenon whereby infected cells fuse with neighbouring cells in an ACE-2 independent fashion to form syncytia, multi-cell infected complexes.

Next. Trans infection describes dendritic cells (DCs) bound to the virus' spike protein via an ACE2-independent attachment domain, DC-SIGN, promoting the rearrangement of amino acids within the Spike (S) protein's N-terminal Domain (NTD), facilitating S-to-ACE2 binding.

As professional antigen presenting cells (APCs), DCs are heavily involved in transporting (protein) antigens to lymphoid tissue. They play an active role in helping train lymphocytes to acquire immunological memory, fundamental to the strategy of vaccination.

DCs can traffic SARS-CoV-2 virions from peripheral infection sites in the upper respiratory tract (URT) to the lower respiratory tract (LRT). In this very way, DCs can indirectly facilitate viral spread from the throat to the lungs via trans infection.

Last definition. Glycosylation is a tactic employed by enveloped viruses (like coronaviruses) during replication to decorate their own viral proteins with carbohydrates (glycans) by hijacking the biological machinery of the cells they infect.

There is even more scope for the virus to attain advantageous adaptations through glycosylation mutations than amino acid mutations. GVB expects O-glycosite mutations in the NTD end of the RBD to yet give future variants a further fitness advantage, a competitive edge.

Why? Because these enhancing anti-NTD antibodies (Abs) act as a shield, preventing DC-mediated ACE2-independent URT-to-LRT trafficking via C-type lectin receptor DC-SIGN. But favourable O-glycosite mutations would disable Omicron’s (lucky) defence from DC trans infection.

Expressed as a flow chart, vaccine-induced ADE would be:

More URT trans infection → more LRT infection → more LRT trans fusion → more LRT infected cells → more cytokine storms and severe respiratory syndrome → more pneumonia, more pulmonary edema more death

There is simply so much virus circulating, both phenomena (RBD O-glycosite and amino acid mutations) can rapidly occur. Omicron is more infectious, transmits more easily, replicates more often and so gives more (random) chances for the virus to attain these mutations.

We give the virus every chance to stumble on both advantageous adaptations, all thanks to our unhinged immunological strategy that only ever adds fuel to the fire, increasing the virus’ infectivity, plainly flouting our understanding of how to tame a novel RNA virus.

GVB in short:

  1. Omicron. RBD mutations to completely escape anti-RBD antibody neutralisation, further increasing viral infectivity

  2. Next variant. O-glycosite RBD mutations to inhibit trans infection shielding from DCs, accelerating rates of severe pulmonary disease

Due to total anti-RBD neutralisation escape, anti-NTD ADE and innate immune suppression, many vaccinees won't be able to appeal to their immature, poorly trained innate Abs to lessen viral load trafficked into their lungs. Rates of severe COVID-19 disease would explode.

Having shredded vaccinees' innate immunity due to vaccinal anti-S Abs still expected to have higher binding affinity vs. vaccinees' innate multivalent (ubiquitous) but immature IgM, GVB outlines 3 outlandish ways a highly-vaccinated population could attain herd immunity.

  1. Massive (unvaccinated) baby boom

  2. Mass immigration from low-vaccinated populations

  3. Mass tragic catastrophe of severe disease and deaths amongst vaccinees

Given the implausibility of the first 2 scenarios and the highly contagious nature of any future variant, the only way to mitigate the 3rd scenario, a mass catastrophic event, is the widespread deployment of antiviral chemoprophylaxis agents.

The barrier to use of the likes of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and zinc is the intransigence of the pharmaceuticals, public health leaders, governments and globalist thought leaders. They haven’t suppressed safe and effective antivirals up to this point to give in now.

It goes without saying that all spike-based COVID-19 "vaccines" must be immediately halted. Without any further delay! In the meantime, please read and widely share Dr Geert Vanden Bossche's white paper.

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