innate immunity is critical

First posted online: 16 April 2022

Broad and complex, the innate immune system is absolutely critical to human health:

  • Frontline defence against pathogens

  • Protects against autoimmunity

  • Can be conditioned for optimal performance

  • Is trainable with memory recall

  • These COVID-19 “vaccines” endanger it!

At the behest of the pharmaceuticals and globalist thought leaders, “vaccine” propaganda convinced people to adopt a form of fatalism. Only vaccine-induced exposure to the spike protein could train protection from severe disease. The adaptive immune system, our only hope?

As the government seroconverted the UK through vaccination, the UKHSA boasted every week about these vaccinal anti-spike antibodies (Abs). Not much is said about how these Abs target the original spike (S) protein from Wuhan. They’re now unable to neutralise the virus.

It’s hardly surprising these Abs are robustly elicited. If a vaccinee synthesises lots of pathogenic spike protein, the body will recognise said toxin as foreign and elicit lots of antibodies against it, at levels akin to a (naturally infected) critical case of COVID-19.

Synthetic RNA is trafficked into cells under the radar in lipid capsules. Toll-like receptors are responsible for pathogen alerting. TLR7/8 recognises viral RNA and has been shown to produce significantly less inflammatory cytokine TNF-α two weeks after Dose 2 of Pfizer.

Unlike high-affinity anti-S IgG vaccinal Abs, innate IgM have low affinity for viral antigens including S. But they are impressively polyreactive, able to bind to distinct antigens, including all mutant spike proteins! Innate IgM: very efficient, long-lasting and broad.

Natural IgM antibodies are also fundamental to immune tolerance, providing critical protection against uncontrolled inflammation and autoimmune disease by:

  1. recognising self-antigens emanating from the body’s own tissues

  2. efficiently clearing decaying cells

IgM may play a key role in mitigating COVID-19 disease. Dr Geert Vanden Bossche’s concern is IgM functionality is being suppressed. GVB suggests IgM may help stop the virus at an early stage of infection by facilitating Natural Killer (NK) cells to destroy infected cells.

GVB identifies why IgM may be immature, even untrained:

  1. vaccinal non-neutralising anti-NTD anti-S Abs outcompete IgM due to higher affinity

  2. lockdowns prevented viral exposure, especially for children

  3. Contagious Omicron constantly reboosts vaccinal anti-S Abs

Many simple interventions including diet, exercise, lifestyle and vitamin supplementation are thought to benefit the innate immune system. Where has the public health messaging been on boosting the innate immune system?

If GVB’s worst fears are realised and O-glycosylation of the spike protein leads to dendritic cell mediating trans infection of the virus from the throat to the lungs, it will fall on the unvaccinated to sterilise the virus through robust innate immunity.

The innate immune system is older, broader and more intricate than the adaptive immunity trained by vaccines

TLR7/8 statistically reduced 2 weeks after Pfizer's 2nd dose