a carcinogenic concern

First posted online: 16 May 2022

Pfizer/Moderna novel modRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” and cancer. Why might these new drugs induce a new cancer, aggregate an existing one or revive an old one? Genetic biotechnology may exhibit dramatic results, but is there a carcinogenic cost to “hacking” the human race?

The goal is to induce an adaptive immune response against genetically synthesised full-length spike protein. This includes the S1 subunit responsible for attachment to host cells and the S2 subunit, responsible for fusing the viral envelope with the membrane of host cells.

A computational study suggests the heptic repeat-2 region of S2 “strongly interacts” with key tumour suppressor proteins p53 and BRCA-1/2, often mutated in cancer patients. The spike protein was never toxicologically characterised prior to the “vaccine” rollout!

The modRNA has been synthetically designed to evade immune recognition as viral RNA by insertion of a guanine-methylated cap and human globin proteins in the 3’ and 5’ untranslated regions surrounding the spike protein’s coding region. Prolonged translation results.

Critically, the modRNA genetic code is NOT swiftly broken down and expunged from cells within a “few days”, as the CDC still claim. Both spike protein and modRNA persist in germinal centers in lymph nodes for 8 weeks in some people. Unsurprising for fortified modRNA.

Under transmission electron microscopy, exosomes laden with vaccinal spike protein persist in systemic circulation for 4 months post-administration of BNT162b2. Could these vaccinal-exosomes also deliver spike modRNA, microRNAs and even vaccinal lipids to distant tissues?

Let alone full-length wild-type spike protein, how about the toxicity of any expressed aberrant spike proteins? The shadowy modRNA manufacturing process is imperfect, with an unambitious 50% acceptance criteria for intact RNA suggesting variable batch-to-batch consistency.

Novel lipid toxicity can only be compounded upon repeat doses. Which cells will endocytose the LNPs? Once the ionisable cationic lipids confer a positive charge in acidic endosomes, what will that do to cells throughout the body? Where are the long-term safety studies?

We don’t even know #WhatsInTheShots, precisely because the “full quantitative composition” of all COVID-19 “vaccines” is a trade secret, protected from public disclosure. Novel lipids have undisclosed quality control standards, manufacturing processes and purity profiles.

People have been led to repeatedly experiment with systemic exposure to an uncharacterised foreign and toxic protein, expressed genetically and uncontrollably, via an artificially-fortified synthetic modRNA construct, wrapped in a fatty capsule of further novel lipids!

In silico modelling suggests S2 strongly interacts with p53/BRCA1-2

Exosome expressing vaccinal spike proteins on its surface